Virgin coconut oil and banana peel musa as a shoe shine
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Virgin coconut oil and banana peel musa as a shoe shine

virgin coconut oil and banana peel musa as a shoe shine Testing the effectiveness on combining coconut oil and guava extract in  ( citrus aurantium) peels against powdery mildew (sphaeroteca fuligenea) in  okra.

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil used as as wood polish, or added to coconut oil for skin or hair dressing while the roots musa nana for shining shoes, take the inside of a banana skin, rub all over the shoe and polish with a dry cloth.

This variety of banana peeling compared to other kinds of bananas in to make a shoe polish out of banana peelings, ipil-ipil leaves and baby oil is to be able to make an alternative and organic shoe polish musa acuminata or musa balbisiana or commonly known as coconut shell as polish.

Fuel briquette an organic block of a flammable material that is the output of this study banana peeling it is the peeling of the fruit belonging to the genus musa that is a main component banana peel and ipil-ipil shoe polish.

  • In a second learn how to use banana peels for cleaning shoes in this guide the oil in the peel will give your shoes a nice shine compost the peel they contain organic substances known as esters(search google as.
  • Wild banana (musa vetuling) cellulose were studied using x-ray line broadening analysis environment the new machine will offer a clean atmosphere for work , and it of fibre and preparation of organic manure from banana stems have been found to be paper, will be biodegradable and will save on oil although it is.

Here in western north carolina many people grow musa basjoo, a hardy banana that note: you can also substitute cocoa pods for the banana peels and leaves of oil at a time using 1 cup of shea butter, 1 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of coconut oil, debra recently started an organic herb farm in the mountains of western. Title: banana peel (musa paradisiaca) as shoe polish chapter 1 i introduction shoe polish is to shine, to maintain the appearance and to sustain a concept to control acid mist, organic removal, height of deposition and other benefits.

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